Brian’s Fabulous FryBreads is the 35 year old dream of Ron Bunting, the father of Owner and CEO Brian Bunting.

“Dad’s last request was that I put my name on the product instead of his because I helped bring his dream to reality.”

Brian Bunting

Ron Bunting came to America from England at the age of 17 and joined the army. He loved food and baking. During his furloughs, he would travel Europe and sample many different breads and pastries at the bakeries he would pass. Ron made many friends in those bakeries who helped nurture his knowledge of baking. Returning to America, Ron met the love of his life and settled down. One day he was asked if he would make fried dough for a church festival. Fried dough is a traditional New England treat. Not having the machinery to make it on site, Dad used his knowledge of sweet dough to create a pre-fried and frozen fried dough – Brian’s Fabulous FryBreads was born!

Ron wanted to bring this product to customers 35 years ago. Since his goal in life was to see all his kids grow up and be successful, he put his own dreams last. Eldest son Brian decided that together they would bring Ron’s dream to reality – bringing his delicious fried dough to the people. Brian took his life’s savings and built the first commercial bakery in the USA dedicated to producing Ron’s delicious fried dough. It was one of his saddest moments when Ron passed on. It was also one of his greatest joys to see the look on Ron’s face as his dream took shape. May Brian’s Fabulous FryBread be as enjoyable for you to eat as it is for us to make.

God Bless the Dreamers of the World

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